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from firewood to coffee table

when Joe starts on a piece, sometimes its bewildering to imagine what the end- product is going to look like. I promise you this is the eternal fight in our relationship, me asking to get all the details, and him kicking me out of the workshop tills it done;

Imagine my surprise when he met this random guy taking firewood home, and decided to make a coffee table!


Most times, i choose not to argue ūüôā

I was pleasantly surprise to see these unlikely pieces come together into a stunning piece of art.

12400560_478989558968918_7878564062414209629_nfirst came the sorting …


12509154_478991872302020_8610604081180024746_nthen cleaning, sanding, shaping, chiseling resizing, drilling…i could go on and on…

12509194_478992665635274_2889699148523211651_nnow constructing the table..not so easy

12400896_478994168968457_8926305646515417987_n¬†starting to come together now…at this point i’ve stopped asking any more questions, and they generally just ignore me if i do ūüôā

And of course the final bits always happen when im away, but the end product always leaves me awed!.. i



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caring for your cactus

I must admit i have killed my fair share of cacti.  So my  advice is from a lot of experimenting, and the heartbreak of spending $15 on a beautiful cactus that ends up rotting on my driftwood. Well the first part of caring for your plant will be to identify what kind of cactus or succulent it is.

Some of the varieties  we love to  use often;

Bunny Ears:enthusiasts of this traditional cacti enjoy its easy to please nature. Despite the cute name, the Bunny Ear Cactus is in no way cuddly.¬†Also known as the polka dot cactus) is fairly easy to grow if a grower can provide enough bright light, don’t¬†over-water, it likes to rest in winter and make sure ¬†to keep it in average room temperatures. ¬†Easy Peasy!


Zebra Cactus;  this little succulent is a favorite in many of our pieces. Its easy to propagate, requires plenty of light, but i noticed some varieties do not favor direct sunlight. You can experiment. Those that i killed were from over watering, try to maintain a regular schedule of once/twice a week


Jelly Beans:  by far the easiest to grow,  survives well even when given little attention. It does prefer direct light, so i tend not to mix it with some of the cactus, looks lovely when combined with other succulents such as Echeveria.


Echeveria: Very common ¬†and in general these are pretty inexpensive ¬†and easy plants, popular mostly because of their ornamental flower-shaped, thick-leaved succulent rosettes and wonderful colors and textures… these are really easy to propagate, but mine often get stretched out like the below because of staying indoors. Provide sufficient light, but not too much.


There you have it, – a little water, sunlight, and some conversation( yes i talk to plants ūüôā


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cactus in wood

Cactus, succulents in driftwood for me are the perfect combination.  We have just finished a whole range of new designs, combining exotic cactus, with my favorite succulents in driftwood.

Each piece as always is an authentic piece of art. Miniature gardens/landscapes in wood.

New range of pieces costs  $30 so please grab yourselves a piece, before they sell out.




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reclaiming wood

The beauty of wood, is that you can continue to re-use and re-purpose it for your home if you know what to do. I love what Joe designed with some rotting wooden planks.¬†He can take pretty much what is garbage or waste to one person, and turn it into gold… He really is my goose that lays golden eggs..

How you ask ? well that’s his secret recipe… so check this out;

He took this ;

and turned it into some really gorgeous pieces;

cactus planters ;$5


 tissue holders; $15

if you ¬†have a pile of wood lying about in your garden or home, don’t just toss it into the fire, come on by to 1820 Workshop and lets make art!