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Fair day..

While making craft is special, the most interesting part of it is also going out to market, and have customers not only ooh and aah over your items, but also buy some of the pieces you have crafted.

1820Workshop has really grown in its production, design and marketing by taking part in the many fairs happening across Zimbabwe.  Our favorite venues have several things in common, customers who love art, and the combination of multiple other crafts that make the experience of exhibiting and shopping equally exciting.

You can always get your inspiration from customer requests as well as from other crafts men to design something really beautiful.

Here is a throwback collection of some of my favorite fairs.

Guess what, you can still order and shop this collections if interested.  Come meet us this and every Saturday at Upmarket, Belgravia on Maasdorp Rd 8am-12pm.

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get the lodge feel in your home

New designs coming out of the workshop right now, where Joe is using various mediums to recreate  natural look of many safari lodges. Many lodges like to re-use nature, driftwood, for an authentic  log-cabin feel. How about getting a piece of this in your home ? So he started by experimenting with driftwood, burlap and reclaimed wood for some gorgeous lamp stands and shades.


The stacked wood design, is inspired  by the iconic rocks that dot most of Zimbabwe’s landscape.


reclaimed wood with an unfinished look is ideal for this base,


A neutral color for the lampshade makes for a stunning backdrop when the lights are switched on, for this piece. Place your orders today, starting price @ $ 40