cactus in wood

Cactus, succulents in driftwood for me are the perfect combination.  We have just finished a whole range of new designs, combining exotic cactus, with my favorite succulents in driftwood. Each piece as always is an authentic piece of art. Miniature gardens/landscapes in wood. New range of pieces costs  $30 so please grab yourselves a piece,Continue reading “cactus in wood”

succulents…more succulents & driftwood

these pieces were designed during our last holiday in Diani Beach. We spent  hours on the beach and by the sea, and of course collecting  shells and little bits of washed up coral. Including the shells with the driftwood was such a cool touch to these  hand carved log planters. They make for awesome gifts,Continue reading “succulents…more succulents & driftwood”

succulents & wood

I fell in love with the diversity of succulents when i moved to Zimbabwe. The southern hemisphere does not rain as much as East Africa, i suppose that’s why so many garden designs constitute of water-wise succulent arrangements Succulents and driftwood are a match made in heaven, and they make gorgeous indoor house plants, giftsContinue reading “succulents & wood”