get the lodge feel in your home

New designs coming out of the workshop right now, where Joe is using various mediums to recreate  natural look of many safari lodges. Many lodges like to re-use nature, driftwood, for an authentic  log-cabin feel. How about getting a piece of this in your home ? So he started by experimenting with driftwood, burlap and reclaimedContinue reading “get the lodge feel in your home”

cactus in wood

Cactus, succulents in driftwood for me are the perfect combination.  We have just finished a whole range of new designs, combining exotic cactus, with my favorite succulents in driftwood. Each piece as always is an authentic piece of art. Miniature gardens/landscapes in wood. New range of pieces costs  $30 so please grab yourselves a piece,Continue reading “cactus in wood”